Qi Gong for Health Vitality and Longevity
Do you want more energy, less stress, fewer aches and pains??
If you do then you're in the right place!

The answer to aging gracefully, feeling full of life and energy and reducing stress is Qi Gong! Qi Gong, also known as Chi Kung, or Chi Gong is literally translated as "energy work."

Qi is translated as "energy". Gong is translated as "work." Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that all illness and disease is a result of blockages of energy or qi in the body. As these blockages get worse they start to 'stagnate' the blood. As the blood stops moving it starts creating symptoms of disease.

These symptoms can be fatigue, pain, headaches, irritability, weight gain, stress, digestive disorders and so on.

Qi Blockage causes Blood Stagnation which causes Disease &Illness

So, how can we move the blockages? Through Qi Gong, exercise and meditation!

Qi Gong can:
• increase energy
• prevent & decrease the effects of aging
• improve memory and brain function
• increase metabolism for weight loss
• reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety
• uplift depression
• decrease hormonal imbalances (including menopause)
• heal illness
• lubricate joints
• improve balance and coordination
• strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments
• increase flexibility
• improve circulation

There are many different styles of qi gong. Some are considered 'soft' while others are 'hard.' Soft qi gong is considered to be gentle on the body, easy on the joints, good for circulation, and overall health.

Hard qi gong is used to strengthen the body in order to increase one's martial arts ability. Hard qi gong can lead to impressive 'mind over matter' displays of physical power, and resistance to injury from blows and sometimes weapons! Hard qi gong is practiced by many high level martial artists and here at Northern Dragons you can be guaranteed to learn the authentic methods that have been taught for over a thousands of years.

There is a very high level beyond convetional qi gong which is known as Shen Gong, only a very select group of people who have shown comittment to training are allowed to study this high level of skills. Shen gong is taught under the guidance of Grandmaster Li Zhiyi of Zhangjiajie, China.

Sifu Burton has studied for many years under many respected masters and is an indoor student of Grandmaster Li Zhiyi.