Steven began his martial arts training at an early age, around 8 yrs old. Some 30 yrs later, he is one of the United Kingdoms leading martial artists in his fields.

In Lau Gar Kung Fu he holds the rank of Lau Gar Guardian (One of only 20 and the highest honour that can be bestowed upon anyone within the style) as graded by Master Jeremy Yau. Also specializing in Traditional Chinese weapons and Qi Gong (internal energy cultivation) and Iron Palm/Iron Shirt techniques as taught in the Shaolin temple for the last 1500 years.

In Chinese Kickboxing (San Da) Sifu Burton holds the rank of 4th degree Black belt and in August 2005 was awarded 4th Duan Wei Grade by the Chinese Wu Shu Association, Beijing, China.

In Chen style Tai Chi, Sifu Burton is an indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei (19th Generation of the Chen family). Sifu Burton has also been taught by Master Liming Yue and Grandmaster Kong Jie Gou. In 2004 he won the Gold medal for his tai chi skills in the Chen Village elite invitational championships as well has Silver medal for his weapons skills. Sifu Burton has over 120 Tai Chi students throughout the North West of England whom benefit from the training, ages range from 6yrs to 106 yrs old. This can show that anyone can take part in Tai Chi and enjoy the benefits.

In Torite Jutsu, Sifu Steven Burton is currently the United Kingdom representative for the DSI. He holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt Torite and is one of only 28 people in the world qualified to teach the system and its related arts.

Sifu Steven has trained extensively on the subject of Qi Gong both in China and the UK having been trained by esteemed master such as Master Liming Yue,the Late Master Sheng of Xiangtan, Hunan province and is now a closed door student of Grandmaster Li Zhiyi of Zhangjiajie studying Taoist Qi gong and Shen gong, having learnt all asepcts covering martial, medical and spiritual applications from these great masters.

Sifu Steven has trained with the great Shaolin Monk Shi DeJun (31st genereation desciple) and was privaleged to demonstrate his skills for students of Shaolin.

Sifu Steven was also very privaleged to meet the Great Shaolin monk of the 30th generation and spiritual guide of the Temple, Grandmaster Shi Suxi prior to him passing away peacefully in March 2006.

Sifu Burton is much sought after for his teaching skills and from time to time lectures at the University of Central Lancashire, on BSc Hon. Degree Course for Complimentary Medicine, teaching aspect of oriental healing methods. Also Sifu Burton has been asked by Lancashire Constabulary to contribute toward training the police officers and Riot police in their unarmed Control and Restraint, and close quarters skills.

Sifu Steven Burton has featured on Central Chinese Television demonstrating his kung fu and tai chi skills and has co-authored a book with Master Liming Yue and Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei on the 18 step tai chi short form and its related benefits.

Sifu Burton is in constant demand teaching seminars around the world and has in excess of 300 students in the UK alone and has produced several instructional DVDs to assist in spreading the invaluable and rare knowledge and skills.

Sifu Burton is available to conduct seminars worldwide on any of the subjects he teaches.


David teaching Lau Gar Kung Fu, San Da Kickboxing, Chen & Yang Tai Chi/ Chi Kung, Torite Jutsu & Traditional Lion Dance Style

David began training Lau Gar Kung Fu at the early age of 8, now, some 20+ yrs later he is highly regarded in his field for his technical abilities. He is the youngest practitioner to have gained the ranks of both 5th Degree Black Sash and Lau Gar Guardian (the highest honour that can be bestowed upon anyone within the style) as graded by Master Jeremy Yau, the current keeper of the style.

More recently, in Portugal 2008, he gained international recognition when graded by the Chinese Wu Shu Association and obtained the level of 4th Duan Wei by the performance of Lau Gar forms Bac Ging Gung (8 powers) and Lau Gar Pa Fa (Trident Halberd or Tiger Fork). Sifu David is an experienced practitioner and recognised Instructor of Chen Style Tai Chi, he is a student of Master Liming Yue and teaches students of all ages throughout the region, from Primary and secondary schools and fitness centers to elderly and falls prevention classes.

He has also been a successful competitor, winning over 50 trophies and medals for both competitive tournament fighting and form demonstration. He now trains the Northern Dragons competition squad. Sifu David also has a great passion for the Tradition and performance of Lion Dance. For the lion dancers, performing is extremely physically demanding. Playing as the Head of the Lion, he has been part of the undefeated winning team at the BKFA National Lion Dance Competition for the last 4 years.

He now trains our popular Lion Dance Team for numerous displays and competitions throughout the year, to bring fortune, health and prosperity wherever they perform.