Big fun for little people
Want to channel your little hero’s energy?

Growing children are full of it. Which can leave you feeling exhausted. Martial arts is a fun way for them to let off steam while developing some useful new skills. And for you to have a break.

• Fun and Exercise
• New Friends
• Confidence-building develops the values of respect, discipline and focus

At Northern Dragons Academy we have a wide range of classes: 4-12 year olds where you are welcome to stay and watch or leave them and pick them up later.

Tai Chi/Kung Fu for Kids Training Sessions Training sessions can be scheduled for your school or organization. In school workshops include classroom demonstrations as well as professional development.Video conference workshops can be arranged for parents, children, teachers and other professionals The Right Workshop for You We can help you set up the best workshop/presentation for your needs including Short Tai Chi morning sessions to wake up the energy and get ready for the day Breathing sessions to use before tests and creative assignments to focus After lunch sessions to calm down and refocus After school sessions to release tension and hyperactivity Peer mentor programmes to train older students to lead Tai Chi in the classroom with younger student.

Recent studies have shown that
the benefits of Martial Arts for children
and adults include improvement in:

• Ability to stay calm
• Co-ordination of the two sides of the body
• Creativity and visualization
• Focused attention and concentration
• Increased positive energy
• Performance in work and athletics
• Behavior of ADD and ADHD
• Self-esteem and self-confidence

What is Martial Arts for kids
Imagine a classroom where students have learned to focus on the work but are relaxed, have developed the self-confidence they need to proceed, have a reasonable level of fitness, muscle tone and balance, are free of excessive fears and anxiety. Imagine a child whom you love having these same skills. It can be achieved. For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using simple exercises, focused breathing and internal focus and concentration to achieve total health: mental, emotional and physical.

Studies have shown a relationship between physical activity and development of self-esteem, particularly with adolescents and children with special needs. In our society, where we find that physical education classes are often cut from the budget, I like to think of children doing TAI CHI MOVES everyday in class. "Gruber, J.J. (1986) American Academy of Physical Education papers. Vol 19, pp 30-48".

A series of studies have shown how Tai Chi helps students who exhibit violence or aggressive behavior. This is particularly effective at middle school level. (2002 Adolescence. Vol 36, Issue 143) (Adolescence. Volume 33, Issue 1) (Human Relations, Volume 39, Issue 12).